Ontario Teachers Assemble

Rotating Strikes Move to Halton District

On Thursday, January 23rd with over 100 teachers, protesters, and students in attendance. The community of Oakville stood on Kerr and Rebecca Street to advocate for the upkeep of Ontario’s education system and the rights of students. With the aim of adding pressure to the bargaining table.

The ETFO’s latest job action strike began this morning at Avon Maitland, Halton, Niagara, and Lakehead district school boards.

In the heart of downtown Oakville, they gathered and marched outside the MPP official Stephen Crawford’s office to demonstrate support for the rights of teachers in Ontario.

Displaying their fortitude on a cold and dreary January, with the hope of adding pressure on the government. To hopefully wrap up negotiations and contract talks with the aim of getting back to the classroom, sooner than later.

All four major teachers’ unions launch job actions and join together to combat the cuts against education.

This is the first time in over 20 years since the four unions have joined together.

Fair compensation is the main issue,” said ETFO President Sam Hammond, in a press conference. Protecting classroom sizes, resources for students and protection of the kindergarten program.

Claiming that cuts to public education is a disservice to the community. While the Teachers Federation is asking for a 2% increase, the Ontario government is only prepared to share an additional 1% increase.

With the strikes in full swing, the Ontario Elementary Teachers Federation have announced another 1-day strike continuing on Friday in Ontario’s North East and Blue Water School Boards.

Doug Ford and the Conservative Party of Canada have yet to comment on the successes and failures of the strike and their plans for any upcoming contract talks.

Doug Ford has offered a credit of $60 subsidiaries to compensate for the effects of the strikes on families.

But is that enough?

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