What’s the deal with Netflix’s award bait movies?

The streaming service produces countless films and shows, but has begun to branch out from more popcorn movies to the kinds of movies that will get them back on the Oscar stage.

Some of Netflix’s heavy hitters past, present and future, and their respective critical scores.

Roma was robbed last year.

Acting as a distributor for films by well-known “auteur” directors gives Netflix the prestige it needs to get those Academy votes. And, for the creators of those films, it means their work reaches a much larger audience that is not as willing to spend 15$ (or leave their home) to see a movie.

The Irishmen, directed by Martin Scorsese, will release November 27th on Netflix after a limited theatrical run. It’s all everyone’s favourite mafia/gangster actors (Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci) in one movie. And it’s a Scorsese movie!

Marriage Story, directed by Noah Baumbach, will release on Netflix December 6th after a limited theatrical run. Adam Driver sings “Being Alive” from the musical Company, so. Let’s go from “Academy Award nominee Adam Driver” and make it “Academy Award winner Adam Driver.”

I’m not biased.

In conclusion, cinema is constantly evolving and it will be exciting to watch how streaming services grow and change the industry as a whole.

Also, El Camino is very good, in case anyone was wondering.

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