Different experience in Taiwan

It is quite convenient to fly to Taiwan from Shanghai since the direct flight only takes one and a half hours. But even if you stay far away from this island, it still worths flying thousands of miles and spending a couple of days. The climate, food, people, culture is so nice that I got a lot of memorable experience every time. If you are still hesitating to add it to your checklist or you have no idea about what you could do there before, I would like to tell you how much fun you could get in Taiwan.

Motorcycles are common transportation in Taiwan.

A different way to celebrate the New Year

If you are a big music fan or a live concert lover, Taipei should be on your list. Legacy, Cé La vi, Wave Club holds countless concerts every week. But now I would like to introduce you to another special concert, which is only available on New Year Eve.

The singer who holds this concert is a famous Taiwanese Singer, Bobby Chen. He sets his concert on New Year Eve every year since 1994. The avenue is not a big stadium but extremely cozy. Since Bobby is over 60 years, most of his fans are people aged 35-45, but you still can see there are quite a few young people in the audience, and all of them are obsessed with his talent in music and personality.

I think the biggest charm of this concert is that you can be free to do anything because Bobby usually would be freer on the stage and urge the audience to join him. For example, basically, singers would drink water to replenish energy because singing exhausts them, but for him, the beverage must be alcohol, so it becomes a tradition that he would start drinking beer suddenly on the stage without any reason, and also, a lot of audiences, including me, will carry a bottle of beer. So sometimes we will have a toast together. Besides, the concert is also like a stand-up. He is a chatty person and has a great sense of humor, he usually makes funny jokes, which is not offensive but honest and cute.

I brought beer to the concert

The whole concert will last nearly six hours. As I said before, it is set on the last day of the year, so there would be a countdown around 12 am. Another famous landmark of Taipei, 101, is located beside the concert and there is a traditional firework show during the countdown. So we usually go out and watch the whole show outside and then come back. Basically, he will introduce another guest singer to fill that break, so technically we would not miss anything.

The New Year celebration is huge and important in Taiwan. So do not worry about the public transportation after the concert, they will be extended the working hour, the subway will even open 24 hours on that day!

The paradise of Vintage shopping

There is a popular district called “Zhong shan” which is famous for vintage stores. These stores all have their styles, and all their collections have a great taste. Here are some stores I would like to recommend.

Memorable experience

For me, Taiwan is unique and I hope to go there every year, not only because it is near, or the price is not expensive, but also the people there are so kind and open-hearted. Remind me of a line from a book, “the most beautiful scenery is people.”

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