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Oxford properties, Square one is considered one of the largest malls in all of Canada. Containing over 600 distinct retailers and services. As Oxford claims, “Designed with the customer first in mind.” This intricate and large square is one of the largest meeting points; filled with a diverse set of services, schools, cinemas and shopping centers. Square One is more than a building but an eclectic community. Wrapped ever so tightly in the fabric of its walls. Located in the heart of Mississauga, Square one mall finds itself at the precipice of human life. Ranging from young and old, this space invites the world to its doorstep. Especially the mall walkers.

What makes Canada’s largest tourist mall different from all the rest?


With the holiday season in full swing, Square one has prepared itself for an aggressive and record-breaking Christmas. Layered in tinsel and large ornamental balls, decking the halls with bows and glory. The City of Mississauga is invested in its most prized spot.  Neighboring City Hall, The Living Arts Centre and The Mississauga Library, Square one’s influence is undeniable. Proving more than just your average mall.

For over 40 years, Square One has been at the core of Mississauga’s given identity. Providing a place for the community to gather and purchase goods. Throughout the years, the City of Mississauga has transformed exponentially and to reflect the growing population, in turn so has Square One. With the latest advancements made to the mall, traffic has also increased. Beating out sister mall, Yorkdale. The data shows that on average 65% of shoppers are female and 35% are male, coupled with an average length visit of 84 min. From experience, I can tell you it is quite easy to get lost in the vastness and chaos of shopping.

“Square One is Canada’s cosmopolitan, mixed-use destination for the fashion, entertainment, and epicurean enthusiast. The centre is recognized for its vast selection and dedication to the guest experience, attracting 24 million shoppers annually. Located in downtown Mississauga, Canada’s 6th largest city, Square One benefits from surrounding high growth residential, office towers, cultural facilities, and municipal offices. The shopping centre’s close proximity to Toronto’s Pearson International Airport and the Niagara region make it ideal for shopping excursions and international groups. Square One continues to renovate, expand, and present innovative experiences. Recently, Square One introduced The Food District, an urban, interactive food concept, offering local, artisan, foods with a focus on quality, in a setting that is inspired by both modern and classic food emporiums”

Oxford Properties

Square One has now begun engaging in Podcasts to bring the community together in a variety of outlets. Discussing all things food, fashion, and lifestyle. Join Raptor, Serge Ibaka in a comedic and insightful cooking show.

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