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Farmers’ Markets are usually all year round and are located everywhere. However, I would say that Farmers Markets are not all year round, or at least not always outdoors due to the constant changes in weather that we face. But when they are available, the markets are filled with farmers, their products and other goods which are ready to be shopped.

After my visit to the Milton Farmers Markets and interviewing customers and vendors, it showed that farmers’ markets are not really advertised as much as it should be, just as much as independent grocers and big chain grocers. The farming community was lovable and inviting, and I love supporting the local markets. So, I am writing this blogpost to encourage more folks to eat and support local markets, meet their farmers and learn more about foods and cooking.

I feel that Farmers’ Markets rely on ‘word of mouth’, and so this means that farmers use direct marketing strategies to meet their customers. Many farmers use the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) sometimes called the food box. Farmers and eaters make a commitment to each other at the beginning of the growing season. In turn, the farmer can focus on planning and growing fresh, delicious and nutritious vegetables, rather than worrying about marketing perishable produce in the summer.

There are many benefits to eating local produce. Despite not all foods that are produced by farmers are organic or are labeled as organic, the customer is able to know how farmers produce, such as asking how they spray, how often they spray and why they spray. As my interviewee claims, not all farmers are aware of the distinction of organic but are growing their foods organically, without pesticides. So, the best place to find such pure foods is at the Farmers Markets. Adding to this, you develop a great long-lasting relationship with your farmer and get educated about your purchases especially finding seasonal fruits and veggies. Also knowing that the foods you are purchasing from the farmers were picked the morning of the market, reassures the freshness of the foods, and nothing beats that, since the foods last longer.

Other benefits include supporting local farmers, protecting the environment, promoting sustainability and healthier food shopping is more social. As through my research, three out of every four farmers selling at farmers’ markets say they use practices consistent with organic standards. Also comparing the fruits and veggies from the Farmers’ Markets to the grocery stores, you’ll see that the supermarket fruits and vegetables pale in comparison. Vivid colors in fruits and vegetables are a reflection of the nutrients they contain.

So, I hope I have encouraged you to go to the Farmers’ Markets and see it yourself, at least once. The best way to know about Farmers’ Markets is talking to the vendors and farmers themselves. Also, there are a lot of Facebook events that show Farmers’ Markets near you, which makes it easier for you to stock up on fresh produce and organic foods.

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