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Summer. Fall. Rain. Winter. Each of these seasons decides our outfits. Dressing the weather has always helped us escape the monotony of repeating our fashion, and of course, saving us from the harshness of the weather. Although dynamic fashion has been part of our culture ever since the medieval period, it has gained a remarkable pace- called ‘fast fashion’. The speeding ‘fast fashion’ has added so much to the ‘dress the weather’ pattern. For decades now, we have been dressing the event… we dress differently to meet every commitment call, be it a  business meeting, a party or a date night… even when all of them are scheduled on the same day!

Blinded by the fast-paced trends, we fail to realize that these rapidly-changing trendy outfits are nothing but a waste and become a part of huge landfills once they are discarded. 108 million tons of non-renewable resources are used each year to produce clothing, 80% of which become part of the dump yards. As the discarded clothes take over 200 years to decompose, the piles continuously emit the greenhouse gas- methane. 

A study suggests that in the next three decades, the textile industry will contribute to 25% of the global carbon budget.

Fast fashion– “defined as cheap, trendy clothingby Good on You organisation, is the urge of dressing-up the “52 micro-seasons”. Over the years, this vicious trend has rapidly gained popularity and made the high-end, cat-walk outfits available for buyers in replicated low-quality and even lower prices. But now, this never-ending desire to own everything and the curse of limited resources has given rise to the environmental crisis.


In the times of rising climate concerns, it is important to be ‘smart’ and care for the world even more than ever… and definitely find a ‘sustainable’ way of dressing your fashion. So, what can we do as consumers to save the environment? The answer is to buy less and buy second-hand! Consumers can play an important role in discouraging the growth of the fast-fashion industry.

Moreover, it is high time that we start practicing ‘minimalism’– and don’t buy until you REALLY need it! Whenever you step out to buy something, don’t give in to your impulse. Instead, take a moment and ask yourself, what if you ‘don’t’ buy it, would it make a difference to your wardrobe?

So, what is ‘Second-hand Fashion’?

The second-hand fashion is basically sticking to your environment lessons taught back in school– follow the 3Rs: Recycle, Reuse and Reduce.

To be precise, second-hand fashion is about selling your clothes and accessories that has been sitting in your wardrobes since forever and making them available for others. Also, second-hand fashion doesn’t end with selling off your gently-used clothes but is also an act of constantly engaging in second-hand fashion purchases. 

If you’re worried about being judged for buying hand-downs, you should know that it is emerging as a new and growing trend. According to a report by ThredUp, secondhand fashion is expected to grow more than two folds in the next ten years and will occupy one-third part of ordinary closets.

On the other hand, the consumers, too, are consciously moving towards the sustainable fashion era. 74% of the consumers aged 18-29 have started to appreciate ‘sustainably conscious’ fashion, according to ThredUp.

Reselling your clothes boost the cycle of apparel rotation, and reduce the needless desire of accumulation (don’t forget- it is about minimalism). Your trash may turn into someone’s treasure, and what’s the point in making items sit in your wardrobes anyway? 

What would happen if every person in this world bought just one second-hand clothing this year?

We don’t have to give up on our desire to look the best. We just have to be more conscious and sustainable when we talk about fashion. So, sell your clothes and accessories to consignment or thrift stores, and of course, don’t forget to BUY THE SECOND-HAND FASHION!

If you’re based in Oakville, Ontario, follow the map and find the closest thrift/consignment/resale store around you!

. The change starts with you… and if you’re still giving the secondhand fashion a ‘second’ thought, these posts might inspire you to clean up your closet and get some new ‘secondhand’ cool vintage stuff!

So remember, the ball is in your court and you got nothing to lose here! You continue to stay trendy and in addition, would consciously be able to save the world!

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Ritika Dubey

Ritika Dubey is a journalism-New Media (PG) student at Sheridan College. An Indian journalist, she is passionate about reporting on environmental issues. Ritika has a bachelor's degree in Journalism and Mass Communication, with majors in the English language. She is a research scholar, digital illustrator, avid reader and traveller. She moved to Canada in August 2019 and currently lives in Oakville, Ontario.

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