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After catching success in box offices around the world, the makers of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse have unveiled news that they plan to release a sequel next April.

The world of Spider-Man has come a long way from its origin story, one that is beloved by many fans and re-told over and over again. New characters have come into the fold with new powers and new responsibilities.

Fans of the webbed-wonder have decided that the Spider-Verse CAN be opened up to new faces that tell the Spider-Man story through a different perspective. Miles Morales’ perspective, though seemingly coming from the same neighborhood, is entirely different from that of Peter Parker. “Into the Spider-Verse” explores the nuances of Miles’ journey in becoming his own version of Spider-Man, which speaks to an entire generation in the real world that is trying to carve an identity that is influenced by an unprecedented wave of technological advancement that previous generations cannot comprehend. The same questions Miles faces in his journey are the same challenges that all youth can relate to: Who am I? Why is this happening? Where can I place my trust? What should I do? Miles Morales is a symbol of hope, and so are the children of the future. Looking at the reception of the animated movie, people are ready for that.

Spider-Man is arguably Marvel’s most significant and most popular hero of all time. From the comics to the video games to the movies, Spider-Man’s reach has spanned decades of artistry. The Hollywood films that have been created about our un-caped crusader have, over the years, explored his many skills, nuances, and imperfections.

Spider-Man doesn’t refer to himself as the “friendly-neighborhood Spider-Man” for no reason – he is unashamedly proud of being a New Yorker! The history of the man underneath the webbed mask can be traced all over the state.

Now that you’ve learned how Spider-Man looks and what he’s all about, there’s only one thing left to ask: do you know what Spider-Man sounds like?

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