Canada prepared to tackle Coronavirus

Canada is prepared to tackle the Coronavirus if required. Federal Health Minister Patty Hajdu, has said that Canadians are being watched for signs of the Coronavirus that may have developed in Wuhan, China. A handful of people from Quebec, Vancouver and Ontario are being monitored as a precaution but the risk for Canadians remains low. The coronavirus started in China and is now spreading rapidly to other countries.

The people who showed symptoms had recently returned from trips to China and are being monitored in hospitals across Montreal and Quebec. Tests have come back negative for those patients in Ontario. Currently there are no confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in Canada.

Several other cities in China, will be following Wuhan’s footsteps and placing their cities under a lockdown. Tens of million of people across China are now in locked down in an effort to contain the Coronavirus. This deadly new virus has already killed dozens of people in China and has affected over 800. Vietnam and Singapore too have confirmed their first cases.

The airport in Wuhan which is the epicenter of the outbreak have been shut down including all public transport in the city.

Health representatives from China, Japan, Thailand and South Korea have informed the World Health Organization on their country’s situation. The World Health Organization met this afternoon and decided to not declare a global health emergency. Officials explained that although the disease has crossed over into other countries the number of cases is still small and doesn’t seem to be spreading within those countries.

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